Thursday, November 26, 2009

Event Reminders Using Google Calendar

Your school has set you up with a Google Apps account that includes an online calendar. This calendar can be used for keeping track of your schedule, and can also remind you of upcoming events.

To access your calendar, either go to http://calendar.yourdomin (e.g. or go to your gmail account (mail.yourdomain) and click on the calendar link at the top left.

Adding events can be done either by clicking Create Event or Quick Add at the top left of the calendar, or by clicking on the place on the calendar where you would like to have the event.

The “edit event details” link takes you to the page where you can add reminders for that event. The reminders can be email, pop-up (in the calendar itself, if you have it open at the time), or SMS*.

Make sure you click the Save button when you are done, and the calendar will remind you the specified time before that event.

You can also set the default event reminders for all new events by clicking Settings at the top right of the calendar, then clicking on the Calendars tab. You’ll see a Notifications link for each calendar that you’ve got set up, click that to add a default reminder. This can, of course, be changed for individual events as well.

*text message; set that up by clicking Settings at the top right and then clicking the tab for Mobile Setup

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