Monday, January 25, 2010

Internet Access in a Different Location

You may have issues accessing the Internet when you bring your school laptop home or to a Professional Development day, or use any computer in a different school.

This is usually because of the proxy setting for your user account, so I've written a little program to help you change this. The program can be downloaded from here.*

The easier option, though, is to just set your proxy to "Automatically detect settings".  Under the  Tools  menu click  Internet Options.  Click on the the  Connections  tab, then the  LAN settings  button:

On the LAN Setting window that comes up, check the  Automatically detect settings  box.

Then it should work both at home and in schools.

*It's written using the Autohotkey scripting language. Source code is available here for those interested in how it works, paranoid about running downloaded programs, or able to improve on it.

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