Thursday, January 14, 2010

Using Your Gmail or Google Apps Account to Get Other Email

There are two ways to use Gmail (from your school-based Google Apps account) to access get other email.
  1. Mail Fetcher, which allows Gmail to download messages from the other mail system:
  2. Forwarding your other email, which is required for systems such as FirstClass (that don't support POP3)
To forward your email from FirstClass to your Gmail account:
  1. Log in to FirstClass
  2. Under the Edit menu choose Preferences...
  3. Click on the Messaging tab
  4. Under the heading Automatically forward , choose Yes for both Local mail: and Internet mail:
  5. In the Forward to: box on the right, type your Gmail (or Google Apps) email address
  6. Click OK at the bottom right, and you're done. You can exit the FirstClass client now.

Your FirstClass email will now forward to your Gmail account. You will still have to check FirstClass for any "Staff News" postings, or anything else that doesn't come directly to your MailBox.

I'd also recommend that you set up a "custom 'From' address" for any email addresses that you're accessing from your Gmail account. Instructions are at:

Edit: If you use the default Redirect method, your FirstClass inbox will keep all of the messages and eventually fill up. You'll have to go in occasionally to delete them, but you'll probably be going in to check shared folders (e.g. Staff News) anyway.

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