Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Canadian Goose!

A Canadian goose has nested outside of Curriculum Services.  Last Tuesday, April 6th, she (Ethel) laid two eggs and over the next couple of days laid four more.  We set up this web cam on the 7th and have been keeping a close eye on her ever since.  Come back every couple of days to check on Ethel and see if Fred comes around to check on his family.   Below are some interesting facts about Canadian geese!

The Canada goose finds a mate during its second year and once paired, the geese remain together for life. Contrary to popular belief, however, if one member of the pair is killed, the other will find a new mate.

Canada Geese breed earlier in the season than many birds. Breeding is timed so that the eggs hatch when the plants that the goslings, or young geese, eat have their highest nutritional value. The hatch date also allows enough time for the goslings to grow big enough to fly south before freeze-up. Canada Geese that breed in temperate areas, with mild temperatures, begin nesting as soon as conditions are favorable in spring, in some cases as early as mid-March. Canada Geese that breed in the north reach nesting areas in late April or early May, later for Arctic breeders.

Let us know where you are watching from and when you think the eggs will hatch!


  1. Mills Haven School Kindergarten has been checking out Ethel every day.

  2. The eggs have hatched and the goslings have safely made it to the nearby pond.