Thursday, October 28, 2010

Creating a Large QR Code

A QR code is that square barcode-like square that you see on products and in magazines and such. They are designed to be scanned by, for example, a smartphone app.

If you'd like to have a large printable QR code that links to your school website, a survey, or anything on the Internet, there are basically three steps:
  1. Generate a QR code. You can go to, paste in the URL of your website, click the Shorten button, and it will generate a short URL that people can type in to go to you your URL.
  2. Click Details >>. In addition to the statistics for visitors to that link, you'll see an image like the one here that you can right click and Save image as...
  3. Open that image in an image editing program such as or Photoshop and resize it to 400% (or more) using the "Nearest Neighbor" resampling. This will make it higher resolution without making it blurry.

You will then have a high resolution QR code that you can print on a poster to direct people to your website.

Another option for steps 2. and 3. is to type in your new short URL and add .qr at the end (e.g. This will display the QR code at 150x150 pixels, but you can change that by changing the 150x150 in the address bar to something like 400x400 and pressing enter (e.g. ).

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