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EIPS Tech Quick Tips Podcast 001

Episode 1 (2010-11-22): Places to Go

This is episode one of the EIPS Tech Quick Tips podcast, recorded November 23, 2010. Places to Go.

Currently in Elk Island Public Schools, there are a number of different online sites for staff to access. We’ll take a quick look through the list, in case there are any that you’ve forgotten or hadn’t heard about.

Staff Connect is the site for EIPS news and events, a bulletin board, the Superintendent’s blog, resource sharing, division documents, and contact information. It can be accessed at For more information, contact the Communications Department.

PD Place is where you go to browse and register for upcoming professional development sessions. It is at For more information, contact Professional Development and Reporting.

WebGuide, available at yourschooldomain/webguide, is how you edit your eTeacher page and/or your school website. More information is available from the Communications Department.

PowerSchool has four parts: for parents and guardians, or /admin, and for tutorials and support. More information is available from Technology Services.

Eluminate is the Elementary report card site, at is for remotely accessing your network files and folders.

SubFinder for booking substitutes, is available at

Hour Zero, at, is for assisting you in maintaining your emergency preparedness program.

We also have a subscription to for digital marking and originality checking. Contact your AISI Assessment Consulant for more information.

Google Apps have been set up for staff and students at your school. These include online collaborative documents, calendars, websites, email, and possibly other tools. You can start at mail.yourschooldomain and get more information from your AISI Technology Consultants.

Elluminate Live web conferencing is available for online meetings and classes. Talk to your AISI Technology Consultants for the URL. has been set up for staff interested in using Moodle. Help is available from your AISI Technology Consultants.

The EIPS Virtual Library, at, doesn’t require a password to access. It’s a site set up for elementary students and staff containing information resources and book resources.

As well, for more information on these and other tools, check out

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