Monday, February 14, 2011

MonD Video Now Available from Home

MonD video titles are now available for viewing from home through Access Learning. As part of our Media on Demand service teachers and students now have access to view titles on the MonD media servers from home. We believe this will be useful when previewing or selecting video content to support lessons and lesson planning.

Teachers/students simply:
1. Go to the Access Learning website
2. In the Login screen on the home page key in your school's Promo Code
3. Click on Go.
4. You will then be prompted to create a personal username and password that will be linked to your school and the Elk Island Public School Board. You only have to do this the first time you log in, from then on you use your own username and password.

Only content available on the MonD servers will be available for streaming using this method.

We ask that you remember that this is for home access only. Using the Access Learning Website requires streaming over the Internet thus requiring bandwidth. You will notice a significant decrease in the speed and quality of the streamin experience from school rather than than streaming from you locally hosted MonD server.

Please let us know of any questions or problems you might have.

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