Saturday, November 19, 2011

Apple TV to a Projector for AirPlay

Using AirPlay to wirelessly display your iPad 2 screen on the projector feels a little like magic. Here's how you can set it up, hopefully I've covered all of the possibilities.

A. Apple TV for $109

B. If your projector (and cables) are VGA, which is the most likely situation:

HDMI to VGA adaptor (MonoPrice or DealExtreme) or cable for about $40
VGA switch (MonoPrice) for about $15

B. If your projector has a DVI input:

HDMI to DVI adaptor or cable (MonoPrice) for about $5
Unfortunately DVI doesn't carry audio, so to get audio to your speakers you'll also need a toslink to stereo audio converter ($25) and an optical audio cable ($2), or something like this for about $45.

B. If your projector has an HDMI input:

You may need a long HDMI cable, or just a short HDMI cable. You can often even get these at the dollar store.

C. Computer speakers (preferably with two audio inputs, at least 10 W or so) $30 to $60.
Unless you already have some speakers you can use, or if your projector's built-in speakers are loud enough.

A few other notes:
  • Apple TVs can now be connected to the XXXschoolguest networks in schools, see this blog post for AirPlay details.
  • Set the Apple TV to projector resolution, probably 1024x768 (Settings, Audio & Video, TV Resolution)
  • If the image is purple tinted (or some other color), set the color space to RGB (Settings, Audio & Video)
video on how to mirror your screen using AirPlay

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